What are the benefits of polarized sunglasses?

polarized lenses block glare

Polarized sunglasses block glare reflected from flat surfaces like roads or water. This is what makes them different from standard (non-polarized) sunglasses which will protect your eyes from bright light but will not reduce glare.

When sunlight strikes a flat surface it becomes concentrated – this is polarized light and causes glare. Polarized lenses have a special film which works by blocking this reflected glare and only letting vertical light through.

Glare can make it difficult and uncomfortable to see, and can cause eye strain. By wearing polarized sunglasses you will benefit from reduced glare and see colours and objects more clearly while also reducing eye strain or fatigue. Glare can also cause a mirror-effect on water. A polarized lens will eliminate this glare and allow you to see below the surface.

Wearing polarized sunglasses for driving will reduce road glare, especially the harsh glare from low sun and when sun shines on a wet road. Check out our collection of polarized driving sunglasses.

Polarized sports sunglasses can help to improve vision by blocking glare and allowing you to see colours and objects more clearly. They are used in sports including cycling, running, fishing, and watersports. Discover our sports style polarized sunglasses.

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