INVU Ultra Polarized Sunglasses



INVU polarized sunglasses are some of the best affordable polarized sunglasses available. The INVU brand belongs to Swiss Eyewear Group; they specialise in designing, producing and distributing high quality, affordably priced polarized sunglasses.

Where are INVU sunglasses made?

INVU sunglasses are designed and engineered in Switzerland. They combine Swiss engineering, beautifully crafted frames and INVU’s unique nine-layer ultra polarized lens technology.

Ultra polarized lenses


INVU’s ultra polarized lens technology is a unique multi-layer system to manage light and filter out reflected glare. The multi-layer lens features:

  • Highly efficient ultra-polarizer centre layer for totally glare-free vision
  • Colour enhancement layer that boosts contrasts and colour perception
  • Blocks all harmful UV rays and provides 100% UV400 protection
  • Multi-layer construction makes the lens virtually unbreakable with high impact resistance
  • Precision hard coated layer that helps prevent scratching, meaning your sunglasses will last longer

Non-polarized vs polarized lenses

You may not realise the difference a polarized lens can make until you have tried it. You can see the INVU ultra polarized lens blocks glare to give clear vision with high contrast and exceptional colour perception.



Check out our range of INVU polarized sunglasses available to buy, with free UK delivery on orders over £15.



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