How to stop sunglasses fogging up

You’ve probably wondered why sunglasses and eyewear mist up? And how to stop sunglasses fogging up? Especially, as most people have now discovered, when wearing masks. Fogging happens when water vapour (from exhaled breath and sweat from your forehead) cools down when it comes into contact with the lenses. The cold lenses cause a phase change as the warm vapor surrounds the lenses and turns the air into a liquid. Fogging also occurs when the lens is colder than the air surrounding the lens; this often happens if you move from outdoors to indoors.

OptiPlus Anti-fog wipes

Fortunately, there are now some very good anti-fog products available to help stop sunglasses fogging up. We now have several options to choose from including these popular OptiPlus Anti-Fog Wipes from lens care specialists Hilco. For just £5.95 you get a box of 30 individual anti-fog wipes (sachets). They’re long lasting and highly effective at preventing fogging up on all types of lenses including AR and hard coated. Use on sunglasses, spectacles, visors, sports eyewear and more. To see this and our other anti-fog products visit our eyewear accessories section.


Top tips for keeping your sunglasses & eyewear clean

It is also important to keep your eyewear clean. Here are some top tips for cleaning your eyewear.

  • It is best to use a lint-free cloth, e.g. microfibre cloth. Don’t use a handkerchief or corner of a shirt/blouse. These can contain particles of dust and dirt which can easily scratch your lenses when you start rubbing. Paper towels and napkins are just as bad.
  • Ideally use a proprietary lens cleaning liquid or purpose made towelettes/wipes; condensation from your breath isn’t recommended even if you’re using a microfibre cloth. Alternatively you can rinse your sunglasses/eyewear in warm (not hot) water.
  • Don’t forget to give the frame a good clean too. When you wear your sunglasses or spectacles the areas most likely to be contaminated with grease, dirt and grime are the nose pads, temples and the frame surrounding the lenses.
  • It’s very important to avoid household glass cleaners: general purpose household glass cleaners can contain vinegar, ammonia or even bleach making these cleaners too ‘aggressive’ for eyewear lenses – they can strip away mirror or anti-reflective coatings.

View our lens cleaning products in the accessories page, including Montana Lens Cleaner & Anti-Fog Wipes.

Montana lens cleaning wipes-anti-fog
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